Consider a Multi-Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy, as with many other practices have evolved with time and technology. The options that individuals and companies now have to promote and advertise their products or services has diversified and provide a number of mediums to reach your intended target.

Multi marketing allows you to diversify and broaden your reach.  It also gets your message noticed. Using just one medium is not nearly as powerful, or as effective as creating a campaign spread across many types of ads.

Traditional marketing channels:

Direct mail

Direct Mail refers to communications sent to potential customers via the postal service or other delivery services. Direct mail is sent to customers based on different criteria such as age, income, location, profession, buying pattern, etc. Direct mail includes advertising circulars, postcards, flyers, catalogs, and other unsolicited merchandising invitations delivered by mail to homes and businesses. Like many other marketing strategies, direct mail may not work well with all audiences or in every industry, and it usually performs best when you execute it with supporting campaigns, such as emails, phone calls or online marketing tactics. If you are unable to measure the results of your direct mail campaigns, you may be throwing money away on ineffective marketing strategies for your business.

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Couponing is used in print and digital media and is meant to create a response from the reader. Manufacturers and retailers are now making coupons available online than can be downloaded or printed and used at the time of purchase. These coupons can be available on company websites or social media sties or be sent to their distribution’s list through email.

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We are all familiar with marketers contacting customers by phone.  It is believed that the main benefit to businesses is increased lead generation, which helps businesses increase sales volume and customer base.

Radio and TV advertising

These mediums can deliver massive audiences to the advertiser. These sophisticated channels allow you to offer unique creative ads and engage and connect with the feelings and emotions of your audience. However costs can be high and most small businesses do not have the budget for TV or radio advertising.

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Print advertising

Advertisements created by copywriters that appear in print format in newspapers, magazines, etc. Magazine and newspaper ads often include a direct response call-to-action, such as a toll-free number, a coupon redeemable, etc. Many people believe that print advertising is not relevant anymore as more people are moving from the traditional way of reading a printed newspaper or magazine, to online.


Out-of-home direct marketing refers to a wide array of media designed to reach the consumer outside the home, including billboards, transit, bus shelters, bus benches, aerials, airports, in-flight, in-store, movies, college campus/high schools, hotels, shopping malls, sport facilities, stadiums, taxis—that contain a call-to-action for the customer to respond.

Direct selling

Direct selling is the sale of products by face-to-face contact with the customer, either by having salespeople approach potential customers in person or in-store demos, or through indirect means such as house parties.


Non- traditional marketing channels:

Online Marketing- desktop and laptops are devices that most individuals still use on a daily basis, however, mobile devices have increased in market share for the last number of years. Online marketing is something that marketers can’t ignore anymore and it is progressing at a fast rate. Today smart phones are at the center of new mobile marketing trends, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. It also allows you to broad your reach because you can target any country or region in the world.

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Social media marketing

You can create ads in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. to communicate directly with customers by creating content to which customers can respond.

Internet marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is regarded as an effective method of increasing your website’s presence in organic searches for creating potential customers. You can also display ads based on related searches.

Email marketing

Sending newsletters or marketing messages through email is one of the most inexpensive and widely used direct-marketing methods. It’s fairly easy to design, set up and it can be sent any time. The other advantage is that you can get accurate measure responses at real time.

Mobile marketing

Types of mobile marketing messages include: SMS (short message service)—marketing communications are sent in the form of text messages, also known as texting. MMS (multi-media message service)—marketing communications are sent in the form of media messages.

How Dare Marketing Can Help You.

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