As an eCommerce Retailer, What is my Core Competency?

What do I spend my time doing as an eCommerce retailer? If you’re like many eCommerce retailers managing an on-line store, you’re filling orders, packing, shipping and responding to customers.  This comprises most of your day.  You may think that … Continue reading

Top 5 Factors That Influence Success of a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

What is Direct Mail Marketing? We’ve all seen it every day in our mailboxes.  Direct Mail Marketing is everywhere.  You get letters, post-cards and envelopes in your mailbox with a marketing message every day.  Direct mail marketing is the entire … Continue reading

How to Implement a Rebate Marketing Program to Acquire New Customers and Boost Your Sales

Marketers all over the World in many different industries implement rebate marketing programs to boost sales and attract new customers.  This article will explain what a rebate marketing program is, how to implement one, some important considerations, and the pros … Continue reading