Shopping Cart Integration with Your Fulfillment House

The whole point of ecommerce is make transactions and information flow seamlessly.  Look for shopping cart integration from your fulfillment house to complete your ecommerce fulfillment needs.

What is Shopping Cart Integration?

So you’ve built an ecommerce website and are getting some orders.  You’re finding filling the orders; and packing and shipping are becoming a full time job.  You don’t seem to have enough time to work on marketing and growing your business.  This is the time when most ecommerce retailers decide it’s time to outsource order fulfillment.  One of the key considerations for outsourcing to a fulfillment house is the requirement to integrate with your cart.

It doesn’t matter what software platform you are on, Woo commerce, Big Commerce, Volusion, etc.  You need to get the information from your ecommerce platform to your fulfillment house and back from your fulfillment house into your ecommerce platform.  This is where integration between the two of you comes in.

Typical Shopping Cart Integration

Typical shopping cart integration is:

  • Sending orders to your fulfillment house
  • Receiving stock status back from fulfillment house
  • Receiving order status back from fulfillment house
  • Receiving shipping status back from fulfillment house

These integrations are important because they allow you to easily provide this information to your customers in real time.  Plus, they remove manual data entry, saving time while reducing a source of data entry errors.

Benefits of Integration

Integration has many benefits for both the ecommerce retailer and the fulfillment house including:

  • Faster information updates
  • Reduced costs (data entry)
  • Reduced errors (data entry)
  • Better information for clients including order status and shipment status

Dare Marketing Has Integration Solutions for You

Here at Dare Marketing we’ve completed many successful integrations with the most popular ecommerce platforms including Woo Commerce, Big Commerce, Volusion and Magento.  Some of the features that Dare Marketing offers are:

  • Live orders placed online are uploaded to our WMS
  • Order statues updated, once shipped marked as Shipped and tracking numbers updated
  • Inventory can be linked between the two programs so they show their inventory or so clients do not sell more inventory than they have on hand
  • Ability to make filters to receive orders such as just North America
  • Manage and link shipping methods so the import into the WMS for the correct shipping method the customer paid for.

If you’d like more information or proposal for fulfillment with shopping cart integration, please contact us.


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