Rebate Processing

Rebate Processing

Rebate processing involves receiving the rebate request from the consumer, data entry, picking, packing, delivering and tracking the rebate to the customer. Because rebate processing involves important customer data, there are a number of things to consider when outsourcing to a rebate processing company:

  • rebate management processing at Dare Marketing Mississauga Toronto Ontario CanadaChoose a rebate processing company that can handle online and mail in submissions.
  • Rebate processing includes a confirmation email to customers and a portal where they can quickly learn the status of their rebate.
  • You have access to all rebate fulfillment processing information real time through a client portal.
  • Your rebate fulfillment processing partner uses personnel who are security checked and work in their facilities – not from home. Rebates involve Personally Identifiable Information and consumer privacy must be taken seriously. Dare handles all rebate fulfillment processing on their premises.

Rebate fulfillment processing is time consuming and can distract you from more important, strategic functions. You need a rebate fulfillment outsourcing partner who attends to the details of your campaign carefully and communicates effectively.

Focus on what you do best: marketing program design. And let rebate fulfillment processing professionals take care of the rest.

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