Rebate Fulfillment

Rebate Fulfillment Customized

Rebate Fulfillment campaigns are customized to your unique needs by Dare Marketing. Dare has executed many successful rebate fulfillment campaigns.

  • Boost sales by providing a unique rebate offer
  • Store and ship a physical item to customers
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Unlimited staff to execute your project

Retailers, manufacturers and distributors rely on Dare Marketing, a complete order fulfillment house, for quality rebate fulfillment.

Warehouse your rebate product or literature offer, verify requests, fulfill orders and update your database. All under one roof.  Flawless execution.

Payment processing is an easy part of your rebate fulfillment campaign when outsourcing to Dare Marketing.

rebate fulfillment from Dare Marketing Toronto Mississauga CanadaDare Marketing can manage it all on paper with mail-in forms or we can help you capture the power of the Internet with a web-based rebate fulfillment management system. In either case, you can count on prompt rebate fulfillment, timely reports and access to your data via a secure internet web page.


  • Front-end assembly and distribution of offers
  • Prompt verification and fulfillment of rebate offer
  • Financial transactions on your behalf

book a consultation for fulfillment servicestoday and let us help you design a custom rebate fulfillment program that will help you drive sales.


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