Rebate Management Services

Rebate Management Programs Boost Sales

With Dare Marketing as your partner, the details of rebate management are efficiently handled for you, including the collection and reporting of customer data.

rebate management processing at Dare Marketing Mississauga Toronto Ontario CanadaRebate Management Services

  • Verify rebate coupons and/or orders as necessary
  • Efficiently deliver your rebate, electronically or physically
  • Store, warehouse and ship your rebate offer, if it is a physical and not electronic rebate
  • Manage all details from data entry to answering customer questions about your rebate
  • Provide market and customer data reports, delivered on your desired schedule
  • Freedom of choice of paper-based or web-based paperless rebate management systems
Increase customer loyalty and grow sales with a Rebate Program
Learn how our rebate management systems can be customized for you. We'll help you grow sales and increase ROI on your next marketing campaign by adding a rebate component. Contact us to learn more.


Rebates, gifts-with-purchase and mail-in offers are proven strategies for driving sales. They are also valuable methods of collecting customer and market data.

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