Outsourcing Different fulfillment services? Which one suits your needs?

warehouse fulfillment operationsECommerce Fulfillment Services

As technology evolves and more customers buy online, e-commerce businesses have grown substantially in the last few years. Even though, in many cases, there is no physical location for these businesses, there still has to be a place with an integrated process in place to process and fulfill the orders on time, ship them, deliver them, keep track of the inventory, etc. Fulfillment services are increasing in demand because this can sometimes represent a lot of human resources and capital investment, plus it can be very time consuming for ecommerce business owners. Many ecommerce businesses choose to outsource the fulfillment part of their businesses.

A big component of any e-commerce fulfillment project is to have visibility of your inventory levels. The reality of today’s world is that access to information is instant. You want to rely on a company that can provide all the information you need related to your products within seconds. At Dare Marketing, we make it easy for you to monitor your inventory levels and order status online through our web portal. Seeing your stock levels and service details from anywhere you’re connected is possible.

Even if you don’t have built-in e-commerce order taking on your website, Dare will set up a custom fulfillment service for you with order-taking pages, plus, store your product, ship and bill your customers. Dare Marketing is a one-stop-shop solution. (Please note: that this option requires a minimum of 75 fulfillment orders per month).

What method do we use to track inventory you ask? All the inventory that we have in our warehouse is tracked by bar code to ensure a high degree of pick/pack accuracy which translates into accurate inventory balances for you. This system also allows you to create reports so you can analyze your numbers in real time.

How it works (Order Fulfillment Order-Taking and Order-Entry Options):

  • Integrate with your existing website, Dare will design and set up a new secure e-commerce site which supports your corporate website look and feel.
  • Secure access to Dare’s Online Order Desk to enter your orders.

Order fulfillment

Whether you’re trying to outsource your entire fulfillment process or just have a need for specific order fulfillment, a Fulfillment House can help. Many companies are set up to fulfill their regular products from their own warehouses and distribution centers. However, when a seasonal promotion comes up, a special marketing promotion, or a new product that doesn’t fit with their distribution system comes up, it’s like throwing a wrench in their system. This is a great opportunity to outsource order fulfillment of a particular product, brand or category of products.

Many companies follow the 80/20 rule where their internal distribution and order fulfillment systems are designed to handle 80% of their SKU’s but the 20% of difficult or un-similar products are outsourced. This can be a cost saving opportunity because a shipper’s large scale fulfillment systems can be designed for volume fulfillment of their most shipped products while the 20% with special requirements can be outsources without impacting the efficient fulfillment of the other 80%.

Dare offers order fulfillment and pick/pack services that usually ship within 24 hours. You can access order fulfillment progress (24/7/365) and complete order details at any time through secure access to Dare’s own online order desk. Dare Marketing is a great solution for seasonal, promotional or difficult fulfillment products that don’t fit well with your existing distribution and fulfillment system.

Order Fulfillment for Marketing Support Materials

Fulfilling marketing support materials or promotional products can be a time-consuming and a challenging task. Outsourcing this task and setting up online ordering allows you to meet the demand for products, point-of-sale (POS) materials or literature from external customers and internal sales channels efficiently, and in a timely manner.

At Dare you can manage warehousing with web-based order fulfillment and get any associated financial transactions as required, all in one place by taking advantage of:

  • Anytime access to orders and inventory status via web portal to Dare’s Online Order Desk
  • 24 hour turn-around on order fulfillment
  • Pick and pack services
  • Ability to rate shop multiple carriers for savings on shipping
  • Web portal order entry and order processing
  • Kitting services
  • Online retail e-commerce operations support
  • Secure and climate-controlled warehouse ensures your printed goods are stored in optimum conditions to prevent deterioration.

Co packing

By outsourcing your co-packing needs you save time and money and can focus your efforts to other tasks. We customize our services to your needs and will be handled by our professional assembling team. We specialize in doing custom sales packages and marketing kits, so whether you need help with your hand assembled packages seasonal promotions or need customized kits by territory, language and destination we can help.
If your product is seasonal, we understand how busy it is at times so we can always accommodate to your schedule and delivery time frames.

At Dare Marketing we have over 20 years experience in servicing our clients relating all their fulfillment needs so we understand the expectations of our clients. We ship to the U.S. and throughout Canada. Our goal is to be a single source supplier for all your marketing fulfillment needs. So if you have more than 75 fulfillment orders per month, then we are here to provide solutions and make your projects go smoothly and stress free.