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Dare Marketing operates a direct marketing business in Mississauga, Ontario, and has for almost 20 years.  We’re experts in Direct Marketing Mississauga for all your direct mail marketing needs.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct Marketing is about communicating directly with your leads and prospects.  Typically through a direct mail marketing campaign.  Typical elements of a direct marketing campaign include:

  • Finding and defining a target market segment.
  • Sourcing a relevant list in the target market segment
  • Devising an offer and call to action
  • Selecting and designing a mailer
  • Collecting and analyzing responses.

The goal of any direct marketing campaign is a positive ROI.  A positive ROI is achieved by generating leads and customers whose value exceeds the cost of the direct marketing campaign.  For example, if it cost $5000 to buy a list, print and then mail the mailers, you would need to generate leads and customers in excess of $5000 to break even.  Anything above that is positive ROI.

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