Marketing Services

Marketing Services: One Stop Shop for all Your Marketing Needs

Dare offers many marketing services that can be combined with any other service offerings. When you’re looking for a marketing services company, you want everything in one place. A one-stop-shop saves you time and your projects are coordinated better because they are all done by the same people under the same roof.

Dare has other marketing services to offer check them out.

Direct Mail Lists

Dare can source qualified suppliers of direct mail lists that are used for your direct mail or direct mail fulfillment campaign. Learn more…

Survey Data Collection

If your direct mail campaign or fulfillment program requires survey data collection, Dare has the experience and the people to put together a professional data collection team to support your program. Learn more….

Telemarketing Services

Some fulfillment programs or direct mailing campaigns have a telemarketing component.  Dare has in-house telemarketing specialists standing by to support your fulfillment or direct mail campaign with full telemarketing support. Learn more…

Data Cleansing

Many clients have their own telemarketing and direct mail lists.  However, the list is aged, hasn’t been worked in a while or just generates too many returned letters or bad email addresses. Dare Marketing has the software and the people to clean your list.  Learn more…