Variable Data Printers

Variable Data Printers Improve ROI

A successful sales strategy maximizes revenue and minimizes costs – it generates a strong return on investment (ROI). For companies that sell through direct marketing, the personal approach offered by variable data printers will help improve ROI.

Personalized mail gets more attention than bulk mail and variable data printing is the cost-efficient way of producing it.

Variable Data Printing and Response Rates
The main reason for using variable data printing is its higher response rate.

The typical direct mail piece that is not personalized gets about a 2% response rate. When direct mail is personalized with variable data printing, that rate increases two to fifteen times.

While the response rate for specific industries and companies will vary, the consensus is that direct mail produced with variable data printing achieves significantly better results.

Variable Data Printers and Mass Customization
Variable data printing generates a greater response because it combines the power of databases with digital printing to produce customized marketing pieces efficiently in large quantities – the result: mass customization.

Variable data printing works with the science of database analytics and creative marketing materials to deliver specific messages for customer groups or even individual customers.

How Variable Data Printing Works
There are two basic ways in which variable data printers work:

  • A shell can be pre-printed in large quantities to gain the efficiencies of full-colour offset printing. The shell is then completed through a production digital printer customizing names, addresses, etc.
  • Alternatively, the entire finished piece can be the result of variable data printing. In this latter method, colour, graphics and text can all change with every document.

Variable data printing can be implemented at three levels:

  • Basic variable data printing only involves changing the name, address and salutation.
  • Version variable data printing involves different amounts of customization with text and graphics changing for groups based on their market segment.
  • Full variable data printing can change for each individual on the database.

Choosing a Variable Data Printing Supplier
When deciding on a partner to work with, consider their knowledge of variable data printing as well as what other services they offer.

Your partner should be confident in their knowledge of:

  • Graphic specifications for the best outcome and production efficiency
  • Paper stock – offset and variable data printing affects paper quite differently
  • Limitations on large blocks of solid or gradient colour
  • Overall image size as it will affect bleeds
  • How the design will affect the finished folded or bound product
  • Limitations as to the amount of variable data on a page
  • Font management

It is unlikely that variable data printing is the only service you will want from your partner. Look for a supplier that is also a full service fulfillment house offering mailing services, order fulfillment, literature warehousing, kit assembly and call centre support as well as variable data printing. It is important to choose a partner that can serve you today and in the future.

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