Lettershop Services

Lettershop Services Creates Personalized Direct Mail

lettershop services in Toronto Mississauga Canada

Outsource your projects to a lettershop services provider and increase your response rate on your direct mail campaign with personalized mailings. Personalized direct mail can be a tedious project. Dare Marketing has the equipment and software to complete this project timely and professionally for you.

Mailing List Services

Whether you have your own list or you need someone to help you acquire the appropriate list, Dare Marketing will help you. Almost 20 years in the business we know how to aquire, cleanse, merge and purge your list to get the best results.

Admail Experts – Addressed or Unaddressed

Trust your Admail direct mailing campaign to 20 years of experience using Canada Post’s Admail service. We’ve got the expertise to execute a mailing campaign quickly and we know how to save money with reduced postal rates.

  • Target specific postal codes.
  • Use demographic data to pick the block where your best customers are.

Modern Technology

With the latest variable data printing and print-on-demand technology, Dare’s lettershop services team efficiently manages your personalized mailing.

Your customers, sales team and retail partners will receive your mailing accurately and in a timely manner.

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