What Are Fulfillment Services

If you’re wondering “What are Fulfillment Services?” you’ve come to the right place.

Unless your in the fulfillment services business, you’re probably wondering, “What are Fulfillment Services?”  Fulfillment services are part of many marketing campaigns and can include, direct mail fulfillment, ecommerce fulfillment, marketing literature fulfillment, rebate fulfillment and order fulfillment.

Direct Mail Fulfillment

Direct Mail Fulfillment is used in conjunction with a direct mail campaign.  You may include a reply device in your mailer that asks the prospect to return the reply card to receive a free promo item.  A Fulfillment house will then receive, process and mail out the promo item to your prospect. Direct Mail Fulfillment can also be used in conjunction with a catalog mailing.  Perhaps you send out a catalog to your mailing list and then need to receive orders and send out the products to your customers.  This is also something a fulfillment house can help you with.  A fulfillment house can process your orders, store and ship your inventory to support a catalog mailing campaign. eCommerce Fulfillment eCommerce Fulfillment is a service used in conjunction with an ecommerce website.  You might have an ecommerce website set up where customers order your products online.  Once they order your products you then need and ecommerce fulfillment house to receive, process and mail the completed orders to your customers.  This is what an ecommerce fulfillment house does for you.  Typically, they can also help you with software and on-line systems to manage and report order status to you and your customers.

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Marketing Literature Fulfillment

Marketing Literature Fulfillment is a service used to mail out brochures, media, books and letters out to your clients.  Let’s say you have a website where prospects can request “more information”.  You then need to mail out that prospect a copy of your latest product brochure.  That’s where a marketing literature fulfillment house comes in.  A marketing literature fulfillment house will inventory all of your marketing literature, receive orders and mail out the requested literature to your clients.

Rebate Fulfillment

Rebate fulfillment is a service used in conjunction with a rebate marketing campaign.  You might have a campaign going where you mailed out rebate cards to your mailing list.  The idea is that if your prospect buys your product they get a either a cash reward, or a free premium item.  In order to manage this campaign and fulfill the orders, you need the services of a fulfillment house, sometimes called a rebate clearinghouse.  The fulfillment house receives the rebate cards, or provides a website for clients to enter information on-line.  Then the information is verified and qualified for payment or fulfillment of the premium item promised on the rebate card.  The fulfillment house then processes the order and mails out the cheque or the premium item.

Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is purely an order fulfilling service.  You would need this type of service when you are taking your own order either on-line or through your call center.  You would then need an external provider to store your inventory, process the orders and mail them out to your customers.  Typical order fulfillment houses often provide on-line services to track orders, shipping costs and provide reporting.


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