Literature Fulfillment

order fulfillment in mississauga toronto canadaLiterature Fulfillment & Warehousing

If you have marketing literature, point of sale (POS) materials or books that need to be stored and delivered promptly then you need to outsource your marketing literature fulfillment.


With Dare’s literature fulfillment, warehousing and distribution services, you maintain control of your inventory with 24 hour Internet access and Dare’s ‘Remote Literature Warehousing’ software.

  • Inventory tracking system lets you know what’s in stock anytime.
  • Online self-serve literature fulfillment order entry lets you manage your orders at your convenience.
  • Internet access to your inventory and order status is a convenient way to keep up with your order status.
  • Monthly literature fulfillment status & activity reports makes it easy to manage your entire program.
  • Quality assurance procedures for superior accuracy ensures your customers get the right literature at the right time.
  • Secure and climate-controlled warehouse ensures your printed goods are stored in optimum conditions to prevent deterioration.


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We can help you implement or improve any marketing literature fulfillment project you require. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll help you put together a cost effective marketing literature fulfillment program with great ROI.


If you’re shipping from outside Canada to Canadian sales staff or customers, then Dare has solutions for you.

  • Ship literature in bulk directly to us from your suppliers.
  • Custom assembled literature or POS items mailed to your clients.
  • Get the lowest Canadian mailing and shipping rates possible by leveraging our location and expertise.

Our secure, climate controlled warehouse ensures the integrity of your literature, whether it’s signage, manuals, samples or catalogues.

Self-serve order entry system allows approved sales staff, dealers or retailers to order materials for shipment, taking this administative load off your hands.

Accuracy is the key to literature fulfillment.  Dare Marketing has achieved accuracy rates of 99.9% using strict receiving procedures, routine checkpoints and frequent sign-offs.

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