How Drop Shipping From Canada to The US Can be Easy

drop shipping canada to USDrop Shipping from Canada to the US is a Headache No More!

Many Canadian retailers and ecommerce merchants face the issue of how to supply US customers with their products from Canada.  Now, drop shipping from Canada to the US is the answer.  No longer do you have to open up or contract with a distribution warehouse in the US to service your US customers.  You know that opening a distribution or fulfillment center in the US is both costly and time consuming.  There is an alternative.  You can set up a Canadian Fulfillment center to act as a US Postal Service Depot and ship from Canada just like you were in the US, eliminating the need to set up a US fulfillment center.  Here’s how.

How to drop ship from Canada to the US

Dare Marketing offers a unique service.  They act like a US Postal Service Depot.  They collect all of your shipments and route it through the US Postal Service for you.  This is a great option to deliver packages to your US customers.  Not only is it affordable, but easy to integrate into your ecommerce business because they offer flat rate shipping.  Also, take advantage of all the excellent tracking and tracing offers that the US Postal Service offers.  You’re customers will get a USPS tracking number to track their shipment.  Plus, not only can you ship to the US via this method, but internationally as well.  Dare Marketing offers a similar solution through the USPS for international order fulfillment as well.

Key Advantages of Dare Marketing’s USPS Drop Shipping Solution

  1. Flat Rate Shipping –makes it easy to calculate your costs and include it in your billing to your customer.
  2. On-Line Track and Trace –allows your customers to trace their own shipments, giving them piece of mind and saving you time manually tracing their shipments when they have questions.
  3. Fast Delivery Service – the USPS network is both fast and efficient getting your deliveries out to your customers quickly and economically.
  4. Ship to International Destinations – Routing through the USPS allows you to ship to international destinations other than the US.  A one-stop solution for your entire fulfillment needs will save you time.
  5. USPS Shipping Labels – because you are shipping through the USPS network.  Your packages will be labelled just like they were shipped from the US.  Your customers don’t necessarily have to know you are based in Canada.

Is Drop shipping from Canada to the US for you?

If you’re an ecommerce merchant, or maybe involved in an on-line deal site where you are shipping small packaged items under $200 per item, then this is a great solution for you to be able to supply your US customers both economically and efficiently.  Plus, the tracking options give your customers a great impression of your service levels.

How Can I get Started Drop Shipping from Canada to the US?

Dare Marketing offers a complete solution including set up for a very reasonable cost.  Contact Dare Marketing today and speak with one of their logistics experts to help you find the most cost effective and efficient way to fill orders shipping from Canada to the US, or anywhere for that matter!