Bulk Mailing Services

Bulk Mail Service & Bulk Mailing Services for Addressed or Unaddressed Admail:   Direct Mailing Services

Using addressed admail for a direct mailing services campaign or unaddressed bulk mailing services to market to large lists or targeted postal codes can be an effective strategy for opening new markets.

Putting together a bulk mailing campaign can be a time consuming task.  From selecting the postal code FSA’s to printing and stuffing the envelopes, you need an efficient expert who knows how to keep costs down.  Dare Marketing with over 20 years experience will help you to uncover new market opportunities and take advantage of bulk mailing services and/or direct mailing services to implement campaigns that get results.

Bulk Mail Service

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  • Automated collation, folding and insertion bulk mailing services
  • Poly bagging
  • Help targeting the best postal code demographics for your product
  • List rentals – 14 million U.S. and 1.2 million Canadian businesses
  • Lower bulk mailing services costs, to destinations in USA and Canada.

Don’t overpay at the postage meter.

Dare Marketing knows how to get results while saving on mailing costs for Bulk Mail Service.

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